One of the major challenges faced by 21st century human beings, is to keep their weight under control. As more and more cases are being reported to be facing obesity or problems related to overweight. Though modern medicine provides food supplements to tackle weight gain, it comes with side effects.

There are many natural ways to control weight gain, one being through the use of a lesser known beans called Horse gram or scientifically Macrotyloma uniflorum. Although horse gram seeds has been traditionally prescribed as medication for digestion, weight loss, Diabetes and kidney stones in Ayurveda, it was seldom used for day to day purposes.

It’s exciting to see how horse gram reduces weight. A recent study by Indian Institute of Chemical technology has shown that the horse gram possess antihyperglymic properties or ability to lower blood glucose level. High blood glucose levels are one of the reasons for weight gain among people. An increase in consumption of highly processed food products, contributes to high levels of glucose as well as fat globules in the body.

Horse gram seeds regulates the formation of lipids or fat globules and glucose, hence effectively fighting against weight gain. It also has the ability to, decrease carbohydrate digestion, thereby limiting the fat intake. Along with its antioxidant properties the seed is also rich polyphenols, flavonoids and proteins. Anti-oxidants controls oxidative stress by eating up free radicals in the blood stream. The seed itself has only minute carbohydrate content, making it an ideal dietary product for weight reduction programs.

Because of the neutral taste of the product it can be added to any food preparation, without altering its flavor. Further research is going on how horse gram reduces weight, as direct mechanism of the process of yet to be identified. Horse gram is available cheap and in southern parts of India it’s termed as poor man’s bean.